Saturday, February 2, 2019

Cold morning down by the river

This morning, as I usually do on Saturday mornings, I venture in downtown Huntington (America's Best Community, or so I am told by the people who know these things) to help with a street ministry. While others preach, I cook the eggs and serve them and move tables and do whatever needs be done. If enough people show up to help, I take a few minutes and go look for pictures.

This afternoon we have 50-degree temperatures and sunny skies. This morning, the remnants of the polar vortex (TV talk for cold snap) hung around. There was fog. Temperatures hung around below freezing. My fingers got pretty cold taking pictures. But I got off a few snaps. Here are a few.

I have seen where others have reported ice on the river in the Belleville pool, but around here there is none to be seen.