Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Scenic view

Today I was driving down the road, and as I passed Ironton, Ohio, I saw the Ohio River bridge glowing in the morning sun. Morning sun has been a rare sight around here the past few weeks. Anyway, I figured it would be nice to get a photo of the bridge from the scenic overlook where I had shot the old bridge a few times. It's on a hill overlooking town. You have to climb a lot of steps to get to it, but when you do, the view is worth it.

Or it was.

This is how the scenic overlook looked today. You wouldn't have been able to see the old bridge if it were still there the way it was two and a half years ago.

This is not a gripe about Ironton. It's a comment on a common occurrence in this part of the Ohio Valley. Someone spends time and money creating a place where you can get nice views of the landscape, but no one ever thinks about how sooner or later you will have to cut the trees that will block the view.

Some of these places are along  main road, and all you have to do is pull off. With some you have to do some climbing. But too often, these views are blocked by trees.

That's it. Whine over.