Thursday, October 21, 2010

New gates arriving at Markland

Two of the four new permanent gates have arrived at the Markland Locks and Dam .

Remember a while back when one of the old gates just fell over, causing   significant traffic delays?

Birthday trip

Today was Adam's birthday, so now I'll be writing about my 11-year-old son. Among other things, we went down to Portsmouth, Ohio, so he could see one of his favorite towboats -- the Paula Ruble. Even though the sun was in our face and the boat was hanging on the other side of the river, we got a few pictures, at least before his camera's battery gave out.

Here are a couple of shots of the Paula Ruble going under the U.S. Grant Bridge . . .

. . . and here's one as it approaches the Carl D. Perkins Memorial Bridge.

For various reasons, Adam gets his party next month. He might get a river-related gift or two then.

Oh, if anyone is wondering, we didn't skip school. Our county didn't have school today, and the kids have tomorrow off, too.

Update on some towboats now in South America

Gustavo di Iorio has put up some photos of the former towboat Ashland, now in South America and renamed the IB San Lorenzo. You can see one his photos here .

And here's one that a commenter says could be the former Indiana , which was also Robert P. Tibolt.

And perhaps the former Ohio (and Orco).