Thursday, June 25, 2015

Muddy job

When the Ohio River comes up, it leaves a layer of mud that has to be washed off public access areas such as boat ramps and walkways. I know of at least one boat ramp that has not been cleaned off in years, so it's more of a public fishing spot than a boat launch area now.

Here in Huntington, high water means someone has to take a high-pressure, high-volume hose to more than a hundred feet of walkways along the river when the water goes back down. That's that these guys were doing this morning when I was at the park.

This being Huntington, the cleanup work was watched by someone who said the park folks would have to do all this again, given the weather forecast for the Ohio Valley. So I checked the river stage forecast, and this is what I found.

(Former Governor Arch Moore said you could stand on a street corner in Huntington handing out hundred-dollar bills, and instead of thanking you, people would complain that you're not on the corner across the street).

At least we have a couple of days to enjoy the river again before the high water returns.

As will the guys with the hoses.