Saturday, June 9, 2012

My favorite bridge ... again

Tedious week at work last week. It will be worse this week. So, I take my river time when I can get it.

Here's a standard photo of Huntington's East End bridge.

Here are a couple more from different spots.

Sunset in Huntington WV

At Harris Riverfront Park.

It was a good evening to be down by the river. Yes it was.

Tugboat on the Ohio

A couple of my Facebook friends have told me a tugboat -- yes, a tugboat, not a towboat -- called the Mr. Russell is on the Ohio River. According to the Corps of Engineers' vessel locator, it is somewhere around the Montgomery Locks and Dam, if not in its pool.

That's too far away for me to go today, but if anyone hears of it getting down to the Racine, R.C. Byrd or Greenup pools in the next few days, please let me know in case I miss it.

After years of griping that boats on the Ohio are towboats and not tugboats, I want to see a tug.