Sunday, July 15, 2012

American Queen, part 2

Here are three quickly edited photos from the American Queen today.

First, the boat docked at Point Pleasant, W.Va., as seen from Kanauga, Ohio.

Then Adam between the sticks, of course. First it was the Capt. John Reynolds, followed by the J.S. Lewis, Mountain State, Hoosier State, the Charleston and the O. Nelson Jones, along with some time behind the wheel of the Port Explorer. Now he adds the American Queen to his list.

Finally, here's the boat passing Addison, Ohio, with its stacks down and I believe its pilothouse lowered.

More to come later this week, probably.

American Queen, part 1

Adam and I went aboard the American Queen when it docked at Point Pleasant, W.Va., today. I have to write a piece for the State Journal web site and for the Channel 13 11 o'clock news. Maybe tomorrow I can have some pictures and stuff up here. Stay tuned.