Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dan Owen

If you haven't read this article in the Waterways Journal about Dan Owen, you need to. Now. Before you get distracted and do something else.

Dan was the fellow who compiled information for the Inland River Record for the past hundred and fifty years, give or take a couple. I never met the man,  but I did have an email correspondence with him a few years ago when he asked for some copies of some of my towboat pictures. I meant to send  him some, but I got distracted and did other things.

Without Dan, it apparently will take the efforts of other people to compile the Inland River Record each year. I know one person who helped out this year, that being C.R. Neale up at Vienna, W.Va.

I hate seeing people grow old and have to step aside from the things they love. But sooner or later time claims its ownership over all of us.