Monday, September 7, 2020

M/V Leslie M. Neal


More Trump flotilla pictures


Here are a few more photos from Saturday's Trump flotilla on the Ohio River from Huntington WV to Ironton OH.

The event began around 2 p.m. From the pictures I took in both directions while standing on a bridge sidewalk, I counted more than 100 boats participating. Most boats had more than one person aboard, so you can figure several hundred people participated on the water. That doesn't count how many may have watched from the shore.

To give you some idea of distances:

The parade started at the East End bridge between Huntington and Proctorville OH. That's at about Mile 305. The bridge where I got the photos after the event started is at about Mile 309. The downstream view from the bridge looks toward another bridge at Mile 311. From the speed of the boats and from what I saw, by the time boats at the back of the pack were getting started, some boats were already at the mouth of the Big Sandy River at about Mile 317. I heard that some boaters may have ended their run at the riverfront park at Ashland KY at about Mile 323. The parade ended at Ironton's Center Street boat landing at Mile 327.

Those are the numbers; these are the pictures.

From Huntington:

From Ironton:

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