Sunday, March 7, 2010

A great photo weekend

This was a good weekend to visit the banks of the Ohio River and its tributaries. Sunshine, drying mud ... a lot of good things were going on.

I got lots of good pictures of riverboats. I got new, good shots of the Nell, the Lawson W. Hamilton Jr., the Amber Brittany, the Capt. Ed Harris, and lots and lots of the Buckeye State.

There was even a shot I'd wanted to get for maybe a year, and I just missed it by a minute. But there will be other opportunities.

Having said that, this is my favorite river photo of the weekend.

That's Adam by the mouth of the Kanawha River shortly after sunset. He's a kid who enjoys the river and who wants to live beside it someday,  just as his dad did for many years and wants to do again.