Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Old photo

Here's an old photo with a pilot's-eye view of going through one of the old locks on the Ohio River near Huntington. The photo caption says this is old Lock 28, but I'd say it was Lock 27.

When you click on the link, look at the grid of photos beside the big one, which is a Marshall football game. It's the fourth one down on the left side. Click on it to see the picture.

The Detroit and the Hoosier State

Here are some pics I got this past weekend of the Detroit passing Cheshire, Ohio ...

... That's Lakin, W.Va., in the background.

And here's the Hoosier State on the bank of the Kanawha River at Point Pleasant, W.Va., as seen from Henderson.

Trees are in the way because what high water didn't cover at my normal shooting spot, thick, gooey mud did.