Saturday, December 24, 2011


Here it is Christmas Eve, or as the calendar says, Dec. 24. A lot of us will be traveling or enjoying the next two or three days with family. But some of us will be working this weekend. In my early days as a newspaper reporter, I usually worked every Christmas so folks with families could enjoy the time off.

But some people may not have a choice. Someone has to keep the steel mills working, the power plants running, the hospitals ready to serve and the riverboats moving. I've read that at one time, the Ohio River Company boats stopped for a few hours on Christmas day to give their crews a little time off, but I don't know if anyone does that anymore.

Here are four towboat photos I've taken on December 25s of years past. I'll be with the wife and kids making a grandma run on Sunday, so I might get some more then. Until then, we'll be thinking of the guys on the river this weekend, mainly those who would rather be home.