Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Drizzle, bridge, unfamiliar boat ... a good day

I had to buy some groceries so I could prepare a new dish for the wife and kids tonight. While I was out, I stopped along the Ohio River to see if there was anything worth seeing. I stood under the East End bridge at Huntington, W.Va. There was nothing down the river, but in looking up the river, I saw a boat with a color scheme I didn't recognize.

The light rain obscured my vision somewhat. It wasn't until the boat passed that I got its name as the Holy Angel.

From the photos, I could see that the windows on the lower deck were round, indicating that it spends some time near deep water. And I noticed that it had no corporate emblem on the smokestacks.

I looked it up later on Dick's Towboat Gallery and saw that it has had several names in the past 60 years.