Thursday, May 26, 2016

M/V Detroit

I may have missed the Winnie C yesterday, but I saw the Detroit today.

A missed opportunity

So yesterday evening I had to take my granddaughter somewhere a little before dark. After I dropped her off with her mommy, I thought I would run over to the river, which was less than a mile away, to see if there was something interesting. Usually when I do that I make a certain loop that allows me to check on a dozen or so miles of river.

But I didn't, because I was trying to be a good boy and save a little bit of money on gasoline.

As it turns out, I might have seen the rebuilt M/V Winnie C if I had made my rounds. Maybe not, but maybe so.

Yeah, nice guys finish last ... and without pictures of a rebuilt boat.

It went down the river, and the last I checked it was nearing the Meldahl locks. But this being the Ohio -- which essentially is a dead-end road once you're above Paducah -- if the boat went down the river, it will have to come back up. So there will be another chance.