Friday, August 10, 2012

Mr. Russell passes Huntington (updated)

For some reason, the smartphone I was using would let me upload a title for this entry but not any text. ...

Adam and I found the tugboat Mr. Russell today and followed it about 10 or 15 miles down the river, getting some pictures. But the computer I use for photos is acting up, so until I get it straightened out, it will be a while before I post a lot of pictures of a tugboat on the Ohio River.

Here's one with a quick edit of when the boat passed the upper end of Huntington at around noon.

Also today, we saw another oversized Ingram tow. With two in two days, it's a good probability they're going to be doing this often.

Meanwhile, Adam and I took one of his friends up to Point Pleasant today so Adam could show him the pilot simulator. Adam tried to teach me how to make the turn into the Kanawha River while coming downbound with some loads. He needs some work on his teaching technique, as I would have hit a bridge pier had time not expired. However, after my session on the simulator, I saw the pilot of the M/V Paula Ruble make the turn in a way I didn't expect and that I will use myself on the simulator the next time I try.