Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mud bogging on asphalt

I had to take one of the kids somewhere this morning, so on the way home I took a side trip to the boat ramp at the mouth of the Guyandotte River. I knew there would be several feet of mud left over from this week's high water. That was on top of the mud that was left a few weeks ago but never removed. There was no reason to remove it, because the river was sure to come up again as soon as the snow in the mountains melted.

Anyway, when I got there, I saw a guy in a Dodge Durango doing doughnuts in the mud. He was kicking up some dark, wet mud as he drove around the boat ramp. In some places, he had a hard time getting traction.

I might be wrong, but he could end up regretting his little joy ride. By accident, I wound up in some mud action like that a few weeks ago. I went to a car wash, and the hoses there could not get all the mud out from my wheel wells. I had to go home and use my hands to pull the mud out of there before I could hose the remainder out. I'm sure this guy's mud was worse than mine. I hope he got it out  before it dried. Otherwise, he's in for a fun, nasty, smelly time.