Saturday, August 18, 2012

Two news items

We all knew that power companies are retiring their older coal-fired power plants, and in some cases they're speeding up the schedule because of environmental regulations. Most of those plants are old and small. But this is the first I've heard of one of the larger coal-fired plants being put on idle status because of market conditions.

It's the W.H. Sammis plant on the upper Ohio, by the way. It's a big baseload plant, not a small peaker.


The Wheeling newspapers are opinion opining on the slow-as-molasses progress on the demolition of an Ohio River bridge that's been closed for 20 years.

A busy half hour at Huntington

I had to stop by the Marine Corps recruiting office yesterday morning to take care of something before I went to work. With the office being only a few blocks away from Huntington's riverfront park, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to swing by to see if there was anything to see, and yes, there was.

I saw the M/V Caleb Lay going under the 6th Street Bridge while the Jincy and the Matthew T were waiting to go under it upbound. The Jincy was pushing rock, while the Matthew T was lightboat. As the Caleb Lay headed away from me, I looked up the river and saw what I'm pretty sure was the Transporter coming down. But I didn't have time time wait on it, so I got a few pictures and left.

Here are some pictures of the busyness I saw at Huntington that morning.

The good news is that a person I work with got a new computer recently, and she was trying to think what to do with her old one, which is just like the one I have that refuses to work. So she's giving it to me next week, and I'll see if I can copy the valuable stuff over from the old one. As politicians like to say, help is on the way.