Saturday, August 28, 2021

Fishing on the Big Sandy

Thursday evening I needed some time out in this heat so I headed down to the river. The mouth of the Big Sandy River at Catlettsburg seemed like the best place to be.

I had been waiting for the M/V West Virginia of Amherst Madison to come by, which it did. Before it got to where I was, I had noticed a boat coming down the Big Sandy with a barge. It was the Blessey Marine Services boat M/V Pat Voss. It must have waited until the West Virginia passed by, because it seemed to have stopped. After the West Virginia passed, the Pat Voss came down, but not before two guys in a fishing boat decided to try their luck on the Big Sandy.

As you can see, the two guys wisely yielded the right of way to the bigger boat.

The Pat Voss took this empty barge over to the Marathon Petroleum fleeting area at South Point, Ohio.

Here's a photo of it on the Ohio as night fell.

I learned a lot about twilight photography and my equipment that evening. It was a very good evening.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

M/V Deana Woosley at Maysville

 Going under the bridge as the sun sets.

Nice bridge. I need to get down there and get more photos on a day when I don't have a schedule to keep.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

M/V Joe S heading to its new home

This evening after work I went down to the boat ramp at Ironton, Ohio, to see the sternwheeler Joe S (formerly Columbia) tied up to the port side of the M/V Andrew Antrainer. C.R. Neale from up at Vienna, WV, is bringing his new boat home. The 968-mile journey started Aug. 10 down on the Tennessee River under the sternwheeler's own power. A day or so after it got out on the Ohio, it hitched a ride with the Andrew Antrainer.

Here the two boats are as they approach beautiful downtown Ironton ...

... accompanied by a guy on a Sea-Doo who decided to enjoy the Antrainer's prop wash a time or two.

The light wasn't the best this evening, thanks to the light rain.

And here the boats are passing by and heading under the Ironton-Russell bridge.

I was thinking about getting more pictures at South Point, Ohio, as the boats passed the mouth of the Big Sandy River, but that would be a wait of about 90 minutes to two hours in weather that could get worse or could get better, so I went home and had dinner with the family.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

A turtleback and a Viking

 It was almost like 1981 all over again with the motor vessels Robert E. Wagenblast and Show Me State coming down the Ohio River today.

Other than names, the difference was that those barges weren't loaded with coal.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Three boats

Today I had one of those feelings where it was too hot to work outside and I was tired of spending so much time inside lately, so I headed to the Ohio River bank with my camera and one lens. I got photos of several boats, but here are three.

First, the M/V Miss Jackie Brown seen as someone on a personal water craft buzzed by.

Then there was the M/V MAP Runner bringing a couple of barges out of the Big Sandy River over to the Marathon Petroleum fleeting area at South Point, Ohio.

Then the M/V Cincinnati heading upriver to pick up barges for an upbound trip.

Being down by the river lifted some of the dark cloud from my mind. It usually does.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

M/V Janis R. Brewer 8/7/21

 She doesn't get up this way much, and I don't always get to see her when she does.

I also got to see the Jackie Englert last week, but I haven't done much processing on those photos yet.