Sunday, December 16, 2012

Photo without comment

Amber Brittany and Mary K Cavarra

The motor vessel Amber Brittany is one of my favorite boats to photograph, even if it's rarely in a spot where I can get a few good shots. This evening, right around sunset, it was at the Campbell fleet at Henderson WV, right below the mouth of the Kanawha River. Too bad there's a narrow shoulder on a busy highway and a lot of leafless trees along the river bank, but I managed to get a couple of shots.

I like the Amber Brittany's color scheme as much as I do any other boat's on the river. Plus the lines of the boat are nice.

On the way back to Huntington, I stopped by the Gallipolis Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam, and I saw the Ingram boat Mary K. Cavarra leaving. This is one shot I got as all around me was turning dark.

I'm not that familiar with this particular boat, but all I had to do was look at the size of the pilothouse and the arrangement of its front windows, and I said to myself, yep, that's a St. Louis Ship boat.

Gate lift, part 6

Final three.

First, the Corps towboat Kenneth Eddy as it assisted in the work.

With problems at the Ohio River locks the past few years, I've heard a lot about pintels. Well, this is the part that fits on the pintel at the bottom of the lock. This is a hemisphere that fits on another hemisphere down in the water, and it's what the gate pivots on as it opens and closes.

And I was told this part where, where you see the two pieces of metal join, will be replaced.

This was all done on a Thursday. The following day the other upper gate leaf was removed and placed beside the first. Sometime in late winter or early spring, when extensive repair work is finished, they will be placed back in the auxiliary lock and the lock will be placed back into service.

And for now, that's all I've got to say about this.