Sunday, January 15, 2012

A towboat and a bridge

It took us a couple of trips out, but Adam and I saw the new AEP boat the M/V Paul Tobin this evening. I got some pictures, but none of them were particularly good. It may have been the camera, or it may have been the photographer. I take that back. I may have gotten one good photo that was different from most that I post on here, but for some reason I can't get either an Apple computer or a Windows 7 computer to read the camera card.

At one point, Adam and I were on Huntington's 6th Street bridge (proper name: Robert C. Byrd Bridge) when it started vibrating in a way we had never felt before. It bothered me slightly, but it really got to Adam. To calm him down, I said before the Silver Bridge fell there were some unusual sounds. So what happens but we began hearing metal clanging sounds. He got nervous, and I said he could walk off the bridge if he wanted while I waited to see the Tobin. Then I said the sounds could be coming from the barges under the bridge. Sure enough, they were. But the bridge still vibrated more than usual.