Sunday, August 12, 2012

A few photos

Here are a few pictures left over from my travels Thursday and Friday. Standard disclaimer: I retain all rights to these photos. They are not to be downloaded, printed or copied without my permission.

First, two more of the tugboat Mr. Russell. The first came as it passed old Lock and Dam 27. The second was as it passed Huntington, W.Va.

Here's the M/V Lawson W. Hamilton Jr. entering the Kanawha River.

And this is probably the most photographed tree in Gallipolis, Ohio. It's at Mound Hill Cemetery, on one of the highest publicly accessible points in my part of the Ohio River.

Most people shoot this dead tree with the city in the background, but I found the sight of it against the summer sky a better view this day. The tree looks dead, especially when compared to the cloud behind it. I know a cloud is a cloud, but compared to the tree, the cloud looked alive.