Saturday, July 17, 2021

M/V Bowling Green (2/3)

 Another set of photos this one taken from the Ohio side of old Lock and Dam 27. In this sequence, taken a few minutes after the previous one, the storm clouds left for a little while and the sun came out.

Next up: The Bowling Green passing Huntington WV in the rain.

M/V Bowling Green (1/3)

The new M/V Bowling Green, a triple-screw 6,600-hp boat, has been up this way on the Ohio. I didn't get to see her upbound trip, but I did see her return trip downbound. There will be three entries documenting her trip, as I caught her at three places in three light conditions.

First, at Athalia, Ohio, just after a heavy rain when the skies were still dark and the landscape colors were rich and deep.

Next up: Passing old Lock and Dam 27 in bright sunlight.