Sunday, June 26, 2011

Benwood Bridge saga, one year later

Who gets to tear down an old Ohio River bridge between West Virginia and Ohio -- and gets to sell the scrap metal -- will be decided by a judge in Idaho.

Rust in peace

I assume this barge once was used as a place to park other barges, but from the looks of things, that was long ago. This was taken in the Bradrick or Corryville area of Lawrence County, Ohio, at about Mile 306.5.

The Huntington area has a few beached barges that are slowly corroding away to nothingness.

Tennessee Hunter

Today while I was out I looked for boats but didn't see any. I was crossing a bridge to go home when I saw the Tennessee Hunter coming my way. For some reason, I don't have a lot of good photos of Jeffboat-built towboats, so I figured why not see what we could come up with. Or what I could come up with, as Adam is spending the weekend at his grandmother's and was not available to help.

I am told the flag on the front of the tow is called the windsail. Usually they bear the company logo of the boat doing the pushing. A few weeks ago I saw a tow using a POW-MIA flag. Today, it was this windsail.

Passing 311 fleet with the Steven J. Mason of Ingram Marine in the background. There was light rain falling, sort of a mist. I could remove it with photo editing software, but this is how the scene looked, so I'm letting it be.

And heading south.

Too bad Adam wasn't with me. He could have gotten some good shots of the Mason as we crossed the bridge back into West Virginia. The bridge doesn't  have a sidewalk, and the berm is a a few inches wide. It's a two-lane bridge connecting two four-lane highways, and traffic can move pretty fast, so I would have to be pretty desperate for a photo to walk up on there.