Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A good day

Today was the second day of a two-day minivacation. I needed some time where I had nowhere to be, no schedule to keep and no one to slow me down, so I drove up to Point Pleasant WV and back on the Ohio side. The day started pretty foggy.

I got some photos at a former coal tipple -- people under a certain age have no idea what those things were -- and some foggy photos of guys fishing on the Ohio side of the Gallipolis Locks and Dam, now known as the Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam.

As far as boats go, I saw the AEP Future, the D.A. Grimm, the Daniel T. Martin, the Hoosier State and the Transporter. I got home in mid-afternoon ready to work on some photos when I learned I was on babysitting duty the rest of the night. She's asleep now, and her mommy should be by soon to pick her up.

I posted three pictures from today on my Flickr photostream. If I get ambitious, I might post another before getting some ready for this blog.

So enjoy, and I'll see you all later.