Friday, June 21, 2013

My preferences for this day

You know what I want to do today? Drive up to Sistersville, W.Va., and ride the ferry a few times. Or drive down to Madison, Ind., and drive across the new bridge a few times. And on the way back, catch a ride or two on the ferry at Augusta, Ky.

Or while I'm at Madison, head on down to Louisville and walk across the new/old pedestrian bridge and be there when night falls.

Or maybe just sit on the riverfront at Marietta, Ohio, and watch boats go by.

Or, for a shorter trip, head down to Portsmouth, Ohio, and search for a good spot to get a picture of that huge CSX railroad bridge at Sciotoville. And then head down to Maysville, Ky., and enjoy the old suspension bridge there.

Yeah, I'm easily entertained.

But today I have to go to work. On the way home, I might make a short side trip down by the river to see how things look now.

Sometimes it disappoints me that I'm a (more or less) responsible adult.