Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A favorite place

There are a lot of places along the Ohio River where I like to spend an hour or two in summer. This is one of them.

It's at the mouth of a creek where maybe a century ago one of my ancestors tied up his gasboat. It's a place where people like to fish, but on summer weekdays when it's deserted, it's a nice quiet spot to enjoy some sun and listen to birds. It's close to a two-lane highway, but there's no marked path to it. And it's about a mile and a half below a dam, so you can enjoy some towboat activity if you like.

But you have to enjoy it when the river's at normal pool. When the river rises two or three feet, this sandbar goes under water and you can't walk across the creek.

But when the water is down, this is a nice place to skip rocks. I may be getting old, but I still like getting a dozen or more skips from a good, flat rock.

There are dozens of spots like this along the river, but this one is my favorite of the bunch.