Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ten seconds of gloating

Ever try to shove ten pounds of grain into a five-pound sack? That's how I feel sometimes when I write for print. Pixels are infinite; space on a printed page is not.

Here is a story that has a small section about how American Electric Power took some employees' advice and invested money in a quicker barge unloading system at the John Amos Power Plant on the Kanawha River. The old system was slow, so some coal had to be delivered by rail. Rail shipment to Amos costs AEP about $5 more a ton.

My former coworker Taylor Kuykendall, now at SNL Financial, did a much more detailed story, shown here. It's worth reading if you're interested in water transportation.

For once, though, I got to get a story online before Taylor did. I let him know that a few minutes ago. I hope he didn't interpret it as a gloat. Although it happens so rarely now, maybe I can be allowed a little gloating. Okay. Time's up.