Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hydropower, part 2: Exterior views at Meldahl

Unlike hydroelectric plants upriver, the Meldahl plant is built in a canal next to the dam instead of attached to the landward pier of the dam itself. This is the view from shore, upstream of the power plant.

And one from the fishing area below the dam.

A wider view.

The dam as seen from the roof of the hydro plant.

And here's something you don't see often: an Ohio River dam running zero feet of gate. On this day, the entire flow of the river was going through the hydro plant, and all 12 dam gates were closed.


Up next: Meldahl factoids.

Hydropower, part 1: Meldahl dedication ceremony

One problem with wanting to do write something really good is that it takes a lot of time. In this case, I've been researching Ohio River hydropower, and I've gotten sidetracked several times. There is a lot more research to do, but some of this is getting cold, so let's go ahead and go with some stuff, in this case the new hydroelectric power plant at the Meldahl Locks and Dam about 20 miles above Cincinnati.

The plant is a cooperative project of the city of Hamilton, Ohio, and American Municipal Power. The city had a dedication ceremony on June 2 that they allowed me to attend, for which I am very grateful.

First, a shot of a speaker and the audience.

One of the people at the ceremony was Jack Kirsch, former city manager of Hamilton and referred to by people there as the father of the Meldahl hydroelectric plant.

Here are the two dedication plaques that by now have been mounted inside the plant, I assume.

And here are three displays at the ceremony. One shows how construction proceeded, and two show how the plant works.

Up next: Photos of the plant and the dam, followed by Meldahl hydroelectric plant factoids.