Friday, November 27, 2009

Another look at the Bridge of Honor

A blog called Ohio Hiker Photography has its take on the Bridge of Honor between Pomeroy OH and Mason WV. It's worth a look, partly because of a brief history of problems during the bridge's construction and partly because of a couple of nice photographs.

Power plants at night

I was taking the kids to grandma's house the other night. As I crossed the Silver Memorial Bridge, I looked upriver and saw the Kyger Creek power plant all lit up. So on the way home, I made a side trip to get a photo.

That's the Kyger Creek power plant in the foreground and the Gavin plant in the background. The Gavin plant is the one with the cooling towers. They're about a mile apart, both along the Ohio River and Ohio 7 near Cheshire, Ohio. This photo was taken a few miles down the road at the bend in the river at Addison, Ohio.

I'm still learning nighttime photography with a digital camera. After I posted this picture on Facebook, a pro photographer who I formerly worked with gave me a couple of tips.

I took several pictures over the course of two nights. I'll probably use them to illustrate a piece I'm writing about coal-fired power plants.

mv. Detroit

After  months of waiting, I can now say Marathon Petroleum's new boat, the mv. Detroit, is in the Greenup pool. The question is whether it will continue upriver after reaching Catlettsburg KY or turn around. I'll be watching the Corps of Engineers Web site to see. I have heard that this new boat is better looking than the new AEP and Crounse boats. I hope to determine that for myself this weekend if I can manage to catch the Detroit where I can get a good look at it. With camera in hand, of course.