Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday morning at Big Sandy harbor

I had a quick job to do near South Point OH this morning, so I figured I would spend a few minutes looking for boat action at the mouth of the Big Sandy. As often happens, I spent more than a few minutes. (Just ask my wife and non-river fan kids).

The first thing I saw was the M/V Kyova heading upriver past some Marathon barges tied to the Ohio shore.

Then I noticed the United States Army is still protecting the mouth of the Big Sandy River from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Have you ever seen something like this and wondered if this thing fired, what it would hit?

That was the M/V Bruce D over at Kenova WV. Here it is leaving the barges in West Virginia ...

... and here it is heading down the river, with Kentucky in the background.

I think that's the M/V Catlettsburg taking an empty barge up the Big Sandy.

And one more. It's the M/V Kentucky going upriver to, I assume, pick up some barges at Kenova and take them up the river.

Or maybe down the river. As I left, it looked like the Kentucky was facing up to the loaded barges in a way that indicated a trip upriver, but it was far too early to tell, and I had to get back to Huntington.