Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Crew change for the M/V Glenn A. Hendon


Of course I didn't have my good camera with me when I caught Hines-Furlong's M/V Glenn A. Hendon doing a crew change at Harris Riverfront Park in downtown Huntington, West Virginia (America's Best Community, you know).

All I had was my phone, so I made do.

Take a look at the boat in this one for a lesson on why you should not tilt your camera while shooting a panoramic.

The van seen here has "Glenn A. Hendon" on the rear. A guy getting off the boat told me the van is assigned to the boat for crew changes.

One guy said he'd been on the river for 60 of the past 61 days. He did one hitch on a different boat, came home and was called out to this one. I asked if his wife cried or cheered when he was told he had to go out again. "Both," he said.