Saturday, March 17, 2012

Three locks, three boats

Things have happened and I've gotten sidetracked. So before leaves turn the hills to green, here are a few more photos from the trip Adam and I took to Steubenville, Ohio, last month to watch and report on the demolition of the old Fort Steuben Bridge.

On the way back down the Ohio River, we stopped at all three locks and dams, and we were lucky to catch boats locking through all three.

First, the Gene Herde of ACL was at the Pike Island Locks and Dam.

Then the AEP Future was at the Hannibal Locks and Dam.

We crossed the bridge, and I shot this one blindly while watching the road. This one gave the best image, although it required some work.

And last, the Wally Roller, also of ACL, was at the Willow Island Locks and Dam.

First steps toward a new bridge

The first steps of construction have begun on a new cable stay bridge to replace the 90-year-old bridge connecting Ironton, Ohio, and Russell, Ky., according to The Independent of Ashland, Ky.