Monday, September 4, 2023

Three boats at Kenova

 I went to Kenova yesterday to see the Dan Elder come down the river. Given what's happened with coal-burning power plants in the past 15 years, we don't see these big AEP boats up this way as often as we once did. If I recall correctly, AEP ordered 10 of these boats before fracking and renewables killed the coal plants. AEP sold off most of its fleet a while back and it has either three or four of these boats left. I've lost track.

And as I was waiting for the Dan Elder to come past my position, the Caroline and the (Marathon) West Virginia came by. We have two boats up here called the West Virginia now. It can make for some confusion and maybe some hard feelings.

One thing I like about that last one is the angle of the shadow of the stair steps on the stern. Here's a closeup.