Saturday, March 3, 2012

M/V Nashville Hunter

Thanks to a tip, I had an idea that the newest -- or one of the newest, at least -- boats on the Ohio River would be in range today. Here's the Nashville Hunter upbound at Mile 273. It's identical or nearly so to the Detroit, Marathon and Kentucky of Marathon Petroleum Co.

It looks pretty good with the Hunter Marine colors. I look forward to seeing it again when the trees are green and the water blue.

After shooting this picture, it got me to thinking that I need to do some counting. Of the 279 boats on the Ohio River listed on Vessel Locations this evening, Adam and I have photos of 120 of them, give or take a few.

Now some of the boats I've shot over the years have met their fates in scrapyards -- the original Valvoline comes to mind -- and some are still chugging along in South America. And some have moved to other rivers.

We do pretty good with boats in the Greenup and RCByrd pools, but we're lacking photos of those that tend to stay on either end of the river.

Tornado outbreak

I've been checking the AP wire (I have access at home thanks to my job) this morning to check on last night's storms. We've had two days out of three of very heavy rains. And I knew we had it lucky compared to other places, but I didn't know ...

Some towns in Indiana are gone. The death toll is 28, with perhaps more to be found as daylight breaks.

Beyond a few facts, I don't know what to say or to add.