Sunday, June 24, 2018

M/V Mister Mac returns

Look who was back in the Huntington area today with another load for the Shell cracker at Monaca,  Pa.

If my count is right, this is the fifth big load that has come up the river for the cracker.

In the news and stuff, 6/24/2018

The future of the Cave-In-Rock ferry could be decided tomorrow. Ferries are cool. Ferries are fun. Ferries are tourist attractions and ferries connect river communities that aren't big enough to justify a bridge.

Too bad the economics don't work out for us to have more ferries on the Ohio River. Maybe they will someday.

Here's another take on the story.

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Another power plant is being built in Ohio. As usual, it will be powered by natural gas. And it's being built in a part of southeast Ohio that used to be considered coal country but is now Utica shale country.

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has received funding for improvements to the dams on the upper Ohio, particularly the Montgomery Locks and Dam, which is in the worst shape of the bunch. This round of money will be used for design work.