Sunday, August 7, 2011

Equipment problems

One of the things I use to download photos from my camera to the computer is either wearing out or has  been damaged, so I have to spend a while diagnosing the problem and replacing whatever needs to be trashed. Whatever, when I get it fixed, I should have a truckload of photos to post on here.

News from the upper part of the river

It looks like an effort to re-introduce paddlefish to the upper reaches of the Ohio River may be defunded because of lack of documented success.


Beaver County, Pa., has a problem with a increase in its suicide rate, and the Ohio River is a place where several people this year have chosen to end their lives.


Details are few. but it looks like a couple of guys got a supersized scare when their boat got too close to the dam part of the Emsworth Locks and Dam.

River baptisms

This story that I saw on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette site this morning got me to thinking about something I saw fairly often while growing up: river baptisms.

Every now and then, a church out back (that's what we called the area a ridge or two away from Ohio Route 7) would gather near our home along the Ohio River and baptize one or more people in the river. We had a  neighbor with a German shepherd named Heidi, and she would enjoy getting into the water with the congregation.

Later, in the early 1980s, I came across this scene early one Sunday afternoon while I was driving to work at the Huntington newspaper.

A year or two ago, I posted this photo on Facebook and a former coworker who the last I heard worked for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes said he was baptized at this same spot at old Lock and Dam 27.

Are many baptisms still done in the Ohio River still today? I don't know. But I would like to.