Friday, May 18, 2018

M/V Linda Reed, 5/18/2017

The Linda Reed came up past Huntington today. I think I counted 15 loads of limestone in its tow.

If I had to list the best-looking boats on the Ohio in order of their appeal photographically, they would be (with one boat listed per class, the Charleston, the O. Nelson Jones, the J.S. Lewis, the Detroit, the Dravo Viking class and the Linda Reed. You can add the AEP Mariner and the Amber Brittany to that list, too. I need to add Amherst Madison's working sternwheelers, but I don't know where to put them on this list.

Talking about the Linda Reed and its sister boats specifically, I like the lines, the proportions, the corporate insignia, the black railings and the size and shape of the pilothouse. And there is something about it that I just like looking at that I can't describe at this moment..