Saturday, July 6, 2013

News and stuff, 7/6/13

I've been in downtown Louisville maybe twice in the past ten years. But from the sound of this, traffic might be a bit tense for the next three years while those two new bridges are being built.


Apparently the Asian carp, which has invaded the Ohio River system, brought along a parasite that has spread to other fish species and even to one amphibian. The parasite is known as the Asian carp tapeworm. If you're into scientific papers on the spread of the Asian carp tapeworm and other parasites into the lower Wabash River, check out this one. The PDF is 64 pages.


Campbell Transportation has christened two new towboats. Both were built in Pittsburgh, the first time that's happened in a long time, according to this article. Here's another article with a little more background.

The boats don't show up on Campbell's boat locator. From the looks of it, the locator shows only the larger, long-haul boats.

If you want to see what at least one of the boats looks like, try this link.

As of this writing (Saturday evening), the Renee Lynn is in the New Cumberland pool and the Alice Jean is up on the Mon.


Finally, for now, a church in Evansville wanted to place some crosses on city-owned land along the Ohio River for its vacation Bible school kids to decorate, but the city turned them down. So several businesses have said the kids can place the crosses on their premises.