Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two news items

Oh to be in Madison, Ind., on or about June 18 when the first span of the new Ohio River bridge is lifted onto the temporary piers built for it.


Here's a question: Continue pouring money into the way-behind-schedule, way-over-budget project at Olmstead, or divert some of that money to other critical lock and dam infrastructure needs on the Ohio River system? Another question raised in the article is whether recreational boaters and hydroelectric companies should kick in some or more of the cost of rebuilding said infrastructure.

Cod off gard

As I was walking up the bank after getting some pictures of a bridge, I saw this poor fella on the ground. I assume someone cut the line and left the hook in his mouth, and left him or her here to die on the river bank.

I want to get a closeup look at a gar's teeth some day. But I needed to get to a grocery store to buy some vittles for supper, so I kept my hands off this time.