Saturday, January 18, 2014

Some pictures from South America

If you want to see some old Ohio River towboats in their new homes in South America, you need to follow the Flickr photostreams of guys like Gustavo di Iorio and Guillermo Barrios.

I saw this one tonight and said, wow. I showed it to Adam and he said, wow.

I don't know anything about the boat in the picture, but it and the photos that follow are pretty cool.

And here's one of Gustavo's photos of an old Hillman boat in South America.

Cool stuff.

If anyone knows of any other South American towboat photo groups or photographers, please let me know.

Chemical spill approaches Evansville

As of yesterday I'm devoting more time at work covering the leak in the Elk River that contaminated the drinking water of 300,000 people -- about one-sixth the population of West Virginia.

Yesterday I did four news articles:

A federal lawsuit filed against the company that operated the tank farm, the company that manufactured the chemical and the water company.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention talks about how you determine a safety level for a chemical on which you have practically no information.

How three U.S. Senators are preparing legislation for closer regulation of tank farms.

And how one coal company uses this chemical to wash coal, and how it describes the likelihood of the chemical entering the watershed.

As of today, the plume has drifted down the Elk and Kanawha rivers to the Ohio. It's passed Cincinnati and Louisville and is approaching Evansville.

For those who are interested, water service has been restored to all areas that had been under a "Do Not Use" order, but many people still do not trust the water. Sales of bottled water will probably be pretty good for a while.