Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tribute to the River, Day 2

Adam and I had a great time in Point Pleasant today, most of which was spent touring the M/V AEP Legacy multiple times. Too bad I can't find my card reader, or I would post some photos. Maybe tomorrow.

Tribute to the River, Day 1

I got up to Point Pleasant, W.Va., this evening shortly before sunset by design. I knew there would be sternwheelers on the riverfront, and I hoped the AEP Legacy would be there getting ready for an open house, too. The sternwheelers didn't disappoint me, but the AEP Legacy was not there. So, I spent my time chatting with a few people and taking a few pictures.

Here we go:

As I was studying the Major to decide which angle would be best for shooting, a man, a woman and a girl walked past carrying McDonald's bags. They walked out onto the barge toward the boat. I didn't get a good look at the man's face, but he said something like, "Be sure to put this on the Ohio River Blog."

So here it is.

And here's a look at the Norfolk Southern railroad bridge shortly after sunset.

If you could see this picture in the original size, you could make out the M/V Enid Dibert (I think) and the stacks to a couple of power plants up the river.

Here are a couple of sternwheels, again taken when the daylight was almost gone.

And here's the scene during a bluegrass concert. The stage is off the picture to the right.

If you look in the background, you will see the lower deck lights of the AEP Legacy having come down the Ohio with some coal loads and turning to to up the Kanawha.

I have a lot more pictures from tonight, but these are the ones I could find that were worthy of quick edits and a quick posting. Tomorrow evening I plan to have more.