Saturday, December 14, 2019

Dirty sensor, now clean

There have been several reasons I haven't been down to the river as much as I would like the past couple of weeks. Work, family, weather ... you know. One reason can be seen in this photo.

I cropped it and upped the contrast so you could see all the stuff that had gathered on my camera's sensor. I watched a couple of YouTube videos about how to clean your sensor. I didn't want to do it and mess up the sensor, because that would destroy a camera I've had for a little over a year, but I had to.

It only took me three swabs to get it clean. Actually, two. I dropped the first one and contaminated it. I used the second one to clean the sensor and then I took a couple of test photos. One little dot remained. You might not have noticed it, but I did, so I cleaned the sensor again. This time it looks like I got it all.

I'm hoping it was just dust. From what I'm told, it's a common problem with digital cameras, although I didn't have it so much with my older DSLR. Otherwise I might have one of those famous Nikon oil problems. We'll have to wait and see.