Saturday, March 5, 2016

From the rear

When you think -- okay, when I think -- of the most photogenic towboats on the Ohio River, I normally thing of how they look in profile or in a three-quarters view. Sometimes I try them lightboat from the front. But I rarely have evaluated them based on their rear views.

Perhaps I should, just as an exercise.

For example, here is the M/V Randy J. Trosclair as it passed Huntington today.

This was taken in the rain, so there is some lack of sharpness. Other than that, there are lines to see here that are rarely seen when you look at a boat from the front or side.

I've been shooting the rears of towboats for about a year now just to see how they look. So far, I have made no conclusions. Perhaps a few more boats will give me an idea of how to judge a boat by its stern.


Today for the first time I got to see one of the boat AEP sold to AEP. It was the M/V Noble C. Parsonage.

The surprising thing was that the ACBL logo on the stack was blacked out. I don't know if it's being painted or if it means something else.

A steady rain fell as I took this picture, by the way.

So now I wait for an AEP-to-ACBL boat that has the regular ACBL stack emblem.