Sunday, July 3, 2011

Three news items

A speedboat in a race on the Ohio River at Madison, Ind., crashed into a rescue boat today, injuring four people, according to news reports.


It's kind of long, but buried in this Q&A in a Wheeling newspaper are a couple of paragraphs about the Nature Conservancy's plans for the Ohio River Islands Wildlife Refuge and fish habitat on the Ohio River mainstem and its tributaries.


The Blue Bridge at downtown Owensboro, Ky., will be closed for three months for repairs.

A pedestrian bridge in Louisville

It looks like an old railroad bridge in Louisville that hasn't been used since the 1960s is about to become a pedestrian bridge. While I don't know enough about Louisville geography to offer an informed opinion, my first reaction is ... great!

I've commented before about how some bridges that need pedestrian access don't have it, and some bridges that don't need it do. While the opening of the Big Four Bridge to pedestrian traffic may be two years away, I do hope to get down there and see it.

David, don't move that boat

I was trying to get a photo of the Bridget Caulley today at Amherst Harbor at about Mile zero-point-something on the Kanawha River, but the pilot was moving it around. If I had David Smith's cell number, I would have called to see if he was on the boat so I could tell him to hold still for a minute.

But I did get the shot I wanted, so no harm done.

The boat on the left, heading up the river, is the Nell. The boat in drydock is the Drema G. Woods.

Overall, the Ohio River in my area has been pretty dull the past couple of days. I haven't seen a lot of boats moving while I've been out.

Happy 4th, everyone

Happy 4th of July, everyone.

Did you know a Ross signed the Declaration of Independence? From what I understand, he had no children, so I probably can't claim him as an ancestor. Old saying: "Childlessness is hereditary. If your parents didn't have any children, you probably won't, either."

But seriously, folks, have a good 3rd and a great 4th. And Tuesday we start working on the 5th.

Adam has been at his grandmother's house for a week. I get to see him again today. We'll probably run over to Point Pleasant to look for boats at the mouth of the Kanawha. If we see any good ones, we'll let you know.