Saturday, April 25, 2020

Five boats at South Point

Late this afternoon, just before the rain started, I went down to South Point, Ohio. South Point bills itself as the southernmost point in Ohio, and it's right across the Ohio River from the mouth of the Big Sandy River, so from the park you can stand in one state and see two others.

I was there to get photos of the AEP Mariner as it came down the river, but it turns out that I got photos of four more, more or less.

First, the M/V Morgan Leigh of Superior Marine.

Then, coming down the river ahead of the AEP Mariner was the Louise S of Campbell Barge Line.

Then the AEP Mariner arrived. The rain began with a light drizzle, and I was able to find a small shelter down by the river so my digital camera wouldn't get too wet.

The Louise S stopped at South Point. As it eased over toward the Ohio bank, some people who were fishing there got a look at it.

Here we zoomed in on the part of the photo with the Louise S and you can see two boats over at the Marathon dock at Catlettsburg, Ky. I believe that's the M/V Miss Kathy on the left and the M/V Cincinnati on the right. I could be wrong on either of both of them.

Did I say five boats? How about six?

That's the M/V O. Nelson Jones over at the former Merdie Boggs Landing.

Llet's make it seven by noting the presence of the M/V MAP Runner at the Marathon fleeting area at South Point.

That's probably enough for one entry.