Saturday, November 17, 2018

Two boats

Blogging isn't easy when your internet service provider goes out on Tuesday and waits until Saturday to restore service. But here we are again.

Today I headed downriver and saw a couple of boats and more. It will take some time to work through everything I got, but we have to start sometime.

First, the M/V Gene Neal at Catlettsburg, Ky.

I like seeing this boat because it is nearly identical, if not totally identical, to one of my all-time favorites on the Ohio – the former M/V Tri-State of Ashland Oil. In May 1980, I rode the Tri-State from Neale Island to South Point, Ohio, and then over to Kenova, W.Va. More on the Tri-State and the Gene Neal soon.

I caught up with the Gene Neal a few miles downriver at Ashland, Ky., but not before getting a few photos of the M/V Alan P Hall of Amherst Madison.

You have to like the old 1960s-era Dravo boats. And the older ones, too. And the newer ones. At least I  do.

Again, more later.