Friday, September 23, 2016

A new boat

Today those of us in the Huntington area who were looking at the river got to see something that's rare nowadays -- a new boat.

The M/V Brenda L. Murray II of Murray American Transportation was heading up the river in the tow of the M/V Oliver C. Shearer of Campbell Transportation. C.R. Neale alerted me to the Murray's presence in my area, so I went looking for it, hoping to get a good photo to sell.

I went to Harris Riverfront Park and saw the two boats coming up the river. That was the good news. the bad news was that the Murray was on the Shearer's port side, and the sun was on the Shearer's starboard side, meaning the boat I really wanted to see would be in the other boat's shadow on a bright  sunny morning. But I crossed the bridge anyway and got this shot from Chesapeake.

Then I noticed the Shearer was coming to a stop. There was a van at the park's boat ramp, meaning a crew change was in progress. So I hurried back over to Huntington and got some more pictures, including this one.

After the two boats left, I followed them upriver for a little ways hoping to get a better shot. But the best place I found still had the boats between me and the sun.

I wanted to follow them, but around here at this time of year, solar noon does not come until after 1 p.m., and that was too far away considering other things I had to get done today if I wanted to get paid. I went looking for the boats later, all the way up to Crown City on the Ohio side, after I got some things taken care of and after the sun moved, but it was too late. The Shearer was moving to fast, and I had to get back and tend to family things.

Murray American Transportation runs most of its boats on the Mon and the upper Ohio. They don't get below the Belleville locks often. Maybe the Brenda L. Murray II will be back in this area someday. I hope so.