Friday, July 22, 2011

The Queen of the Mississippi ... and other news

If you want to see the new cruise boat Queen of the Mississippi up close on the Ohio River, you'll et your chance next fall. According to the schedule on the American Cruise Line site, the boat has four seven-day cruises that are all or partly on the Ohio River.

Those four cruises are:

Sept, 22, St. Louis to Cincinnati

Sept. 29, Cincinnati to Pittsburgh

Oct. 6, Pittsburgh to Cincinnati

Oct. 13, Cincinnati to St. Louis

I don't know the details of each cruise, but I know in terms of miles that Cincinnati to Pittsburgh is a lot shorter than Cincinnati to St. Louis.

But ... if you want to see what the new river cruise boat Queen of the Mississippi will look like when finished and how it looks now, try this link.


Does the Ohio River need another port, one that would handle soybeans and grain for export? Officials in Meade County, Ky., think so.


BusinessWeek takes a look at pilot programs that capture and store carbon dioxide from the stacks of coal-burning power plants such as Mountaineer near New Haven, W.Va.

Two more of the Amber Brittany ...

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