Friday, January 15, 2010

Two pics from Mason County WV

Here a couple of images from a recent trip through Mason County WV the other day.

First, a CSX train crossing a small bridge near the community of Glenwood. I've been a while to get a shot like this. Glenwood itself is known as being one of the lowest communities along this part of the Ohio River. When the river comes up, Glenwood is the first community to go under water.

I also know Glenwood as the place where one of my ancestors was building a barn before he was killed by a train one Saturday night in Gallipolis OH. Apparently he got drunk and laid down along the track. A train came by, and a piece of metal hanging down from the train hit him on the head. That was about a hundred years ago, and it's a story for another time.

And here is that often-photographed Mail Pouch barn along Route 2 in Mason County. I've mentioned it before. I have pictures of it in the summer, in the fall, in rain and in fog, but never in snow. Until now. But this time, I backed up a bit to show the barn in its environment.