Friday, February 11, 2011

Newest AEP boat is on the Ohio

The mv. AEP Future is on the Ohio River. According to the Corps of Engineers vessel locator, it's in Pool 52 upbound with 15 barges.

If it's up my way when I'm available, I'll try to get a shot or two.

Forget about the new power plant along the Ohio River

American Municipal Power has pulled the plug on plans to build a gas-fired power plant along the Ohio River, according to The Columbus Dispatch. Instead, AMP will buy a power plant already under construction.

AMP first planned to build a coal-fired power plant in Meigs County, Ohio, but quickly learned that it's as easy getting permits for one of those as it is to get one for a nuclear waste dump. So it went with gas. When that didn't work, it was bye-bye Meigs County.

Coming soon

Last night I was looking through a box of pictures I took in the 1980s, and I found some photos of towboats that might be of interest to some readers. And I found three more pictures that could drag up some memories of some of this blog's oldest readers.

I'll get out the scanner and some research materials this weekend and try to get them up in the next few days.