Saturday, June 25, 2016

Accidentally deleted

I just accidentally deleted the post about the Cabell County Sheriff's Department getting a new boat for river patrols and rescue operations.

Sorry about that.

Catching up. Again.

Internet problems, things that happen in life and a bunch of other stuff have kept me away for a few days. Catching up will occur sometime next week. Meanwhile, here are a few things I've seen during my recent visits to the river.

Yesterday morning between rain showers I was at the riverfront here in Huntington WV when I saw this. It reminded me of the roadside memorials that are so common here in West Virginia.

A little later, there was this one of the James Paul Ayers passing Huntington.

Earlier in the week, I had to make a quick trip to Point Pleasant WV. This is how the sun lit up the color of the CSX railroad bridge over the Kanawha River right above its mouth.

And I still have to write up some stuff and process a few more photos from the Meldahl hydropower plant dedication from a few weeks ago. I will catch up with life someday.